Chen Style Tai Chi

I first took up Tai Chi years ago. I studied for 8 years under Paul Crompton doing Chen Man Ching Yang Style Short Form. Paul arranged weekend seminar with Ji Jian-Cheng, who demonstrated Bagua and Chen Style Tai Chi. I was blown away by Chen Style Tai, it looked so different to Yang style, it seems closed to Kung Fu, a mixture of fast and slow movements. I stopped Tai Chi after moving out of London.

I moved back to London a few years ago, well Ruislip anyway. I was speaking with Simon Morris at work, he’s a martial arts nut and encouraged me to take it up again. I  looked for a class teaching Chen Style. Since January I’ve been going to Phoenix Tai Chi at the Vale Farm Sports Centre, Watford Road, North Wembley on Thursday evenings. I’m hooked and now practice every day before work. I feel fitter and much more relaxed.


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