SXSW 2008 Round-Up

I was blown away by SXSW 2008, the conference was incredibly useful, I met some great people and I loved Austin. I’ve written up extensive notes on all the sessions I went to. At the moment my rather basic WordPress template makes navigating it quite difficult, so here’s an index page. I’ve ordered myself WordPress for Dummies, so will be upgrading my blog when I have moment.

Respect! – How to work with clients, editorial teams and users to get the best work produced?

Design is in the details – some basic principles for interaction design

Opening Remarks from Henry Jenkins and Steven Johnson– a discussion around the nature of knowlege and learning through social networking

Over 50 and not dead yet – how best to reach older audiences.

Mark Zuckerberg Train-Wreck – Sarah Lacey’s controversial interview

Analytics kills design? –  a debate on the question of whether analytics kills or cultivates great design

Social Design Strategies – Creating experiences that encourage social behavior and public expression in social networking sites.

Jared Spool – Magic and Mental Models – The importance of illusion in user experience design

Kathy Sierra – 20 ways to woo web users.

The Importance of Branding – How brand values are vital to your website.

Master of 500 Sites – Doug McClure’s 5-step model to make better decisions for your start-up in product and marketing.

Community & Loyalty: Gamers to Flamers – Fostering community in social networking sites

True Stories from Social Media Sites – Stories from SlideShare, Style Diary, The Budget Fashionista, Pistachio, Boxes and Arrows, OpMom & Electric Pulp

Casual MMOs – Why massively multiplayer online gaming

Portable Social Networks – How social networking sites can inter-operate

Corporate Blogging – Dell, LinkedIn and My PR Pro discuss the benefits and pitfulls of corporate Blogging

Jane McGonagal – on alternate Reality Gaming


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