Master of 500 Sites

Had lunch with Bryan Hurren from LiveMocha today. He was raving about a great session he went to this morning: Startup Metrics for Pirates: AARRR!. It covered a simple 5-step model you can use to make better decisions for your start-up in product and marketing. The speaker he was most impressed with was Dave McClure who has a great blog Master of 500 Hats. Searching SlideShare it looks like he’s given the presentation before, you can see it here. Another I’ve found which looks interesting is Designing Marketing Plans.

Bryan quoted truism from Dave McClure: “Requiring a downloadable application will reduce registration by 90%”. In the case of BBC iPlayer streaming beats downloads by 8:1. At LOVEFiLM we offer 2,000 movie downloads, certainly a good justification for offering streaming; we’re working on it.


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  1. Priya Prakash on

    Can personally relate to that metric. Sugarscape has downloadable toolbar and even though that’s not the only entry point, it is a barrier to entry. Same for installable clients on mobile devices. Really enjoying your blog. Almost feel I am there. Its great to see you out there.

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