Breaking cultural boundaries & the Indian Netflix

After my last session of the day, A General Theory of Creative Relativity by Jim Coudal, a good speaker but the subject matter unremarkable, I met up with the other Ben, who gave me a ticket with free food at Fogo De Chau. For those who know me the prospect of passing up free food was difficult to restist, so I went along, whilst the other Ben went to watch a documentary, A Bulletproof Salesman.

At the restaurant I met a PR executive Lisa, who introduced me to Bryan Hurren from LiveMocha, a very cool social networking site based around learning languages.

At LOVEFiLM we have sites in 5 countries: UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. At the moment we’re running three separate platforms thanks to a bunch acquisitions but we’re moving towards a single common platform. It got me thinking about linking up the user generated content around common films in each country, to get an overall rating to contrast with individual ratings. The top ten films in each country are likely to be different but it’s interesting and it opens up to a wider community.

Bryan told me about an Indian Netflix Seventy mm, which I’d not heard of. I was amazed I did not think it could be possible due to the unreliable Indian postal system. They’ve created their own courier service to overcome this. Brian’s not sure they’re profitable – could be ripe for acquisition.

After that Brian and I went off to the Google party in search of freebies. Booze yes, other stuff no. Brian says his dogs favourite toy is a Google fish from convention. The main event of the evening for was the frog design / SXSW Interactive Opening Party, what looked to be a very expensive event held at the Mexican American Cultural Center. Hopefully a good ROI for Frog. We queued for 30 minutes for the bar, both ordered water and decided we’re too old (although I’m sure I’ve got 10 years on Brian) and headed off. I hoped to watch some mindless entertainment, being the premiere of Harold and Kumar 2 – Escape from Guantanamo Bay alas it was booked out.


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