Opening Remarks

The keynote of the day was a discussion between Henry Jenkins, author and Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program; and Steven Johnson author of Everything Bad Is Good for You: How Popular Culture Is Making Us Smarter. It was a discussion around the nature of knowlege and learning through social networking. You can find a partial transcript on Ian Schaffers blog.


They are argue social networks provide collective intelligence. There’s a fundamental difference between Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia. Encyclopedia Britannica gives one persons perspective on a topic, whilst Wikipedia aggregates collective knowledge one a subject. It’s a fundamental shift in how we learn and what we know.

Steven launched a social networking site which aggregates around geo-location, using IP geography. They will soon be launching On My Radar, based upon Yahoo Fire Eagle, which is like the Facebook News Feed for geographically relevant information, i.e. what’s going on in local area rather than my network, but in my area. In the few square blocks/miles around me. e.g. A pot hole being filled in on your street could be big news a few streets away it’s non-news. This is the concept of ‘Hyper Local’.


They are that in terms of social platforms Wikipedia is diverse universe; whereas YouTube has no mechanism for diversity – the top 200 videos always rise to the top, whereas the long tail is fairly hidden.

Henry Jenkins and Steven Johnson were both great speakers and have brains bigger than a planet so I’d recommend reading up on them. I certainly will.


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