Design Principles

Quick swim and hearty breakfast before catching a hotel minbus back to the convention centre. I was joined by the gang from, who’re up a best technology award at the show. Seems like a cross between yousendit and basecamp.

First session of the day was Design is in the Details, which focused on some basic principles for interaction design:

  1. Experiment – Mistakes can be beautiful
  2. Choices – Produce multiple versions
  3. Stay consistant – Bring clarity
  4. Completeness – think of everything. If you don’t how do know it’ll work
  5. Step In, Step Out, Step, Back – analyse from every angle. Personas good here.
  6. Be your own critic –
  7. Complexity and simplicity – Find the perfect ratio
  8. Obsession is healthy.

I wouldn’t call it revelatory but they’re sound principles all the same.

I stepped out briefly to see Rome Sweet Rome, three basic principles of design derived from Roman Architecture: Durablity, Convience & Desirable. How to achieve the perfect ratio. These seemed pretty much the same to me as the principles Alan Cooper mentions in his great book The Inmates are running the Asylum: Useable, Useful & Desirable


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