I tried to get into Communities that Work but it was jammed. I couldn’t get in. Natacha mentioned yesterday you need to get to popular session 15 minutes before. I should have listened. However instead I caught an excellent session titled Over 50 and Not Dead Yet. We’ve thinking alot recently about how best to reach an older audiences. The main points covered were:

  • The boomers are always one step behind. The panel believe 5 years or so. Texting has less value than texting but this is changing.
  • They’re interested in social networking but don’t always understand it. Facebook is becoming increasingly grey:“My twenty year old son will not accept me as friend in Facebook however I have 2,000 other friends on Facebook”. Target the older audience via Facebook.
  • They’re desperate for relevant content.
  • They value privacy.
  • They’re interested in blogs see blogs.telegraph.co.uk or Boomer Blogs.
  • They want authentic experience and will be sensitive to be over marketed to.
  • They want experience that’s fun, easy & safe.
  • They are not a monolith – they are very diverse. They were raising hell in the 60’s and 70’s.
  • $3 Trillion of disposible income.
  • They look at the web as one source of information.
  • Netflix really mobilising around 50+ and doing well in the segment.

The best segment was a discussion on baby boomers music tastes – when you turn 50 it doesn’t mean you only want to look backwards. They might like Bruce Springsteen but it doesn’t stop them discovering Nora Jones. They might discover new music through their children. They want to be current but don’t want to work at it. What they need are: Taste Makers, Aggregators, Recommendations and Friends. Getting you to music that you like but don’t have to work at it.

Examples of Aggregators are AOL.com, foxytunes (aggregates lots of things around the artist – who don’t have to work around what you like), VH1 and iMeem. Examples of Filters: Pandora, iLike, LastFM and MOG;and The Hype Machine.


If you go to the SXSW site and click the ‘SXSW 2008 INTERACTIVE COVERAGE’ link you can watch the whole thing in their popup video player.

See more at pushing50.net


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