I don’t want candy

I have no idea what possessed me to add I Want Candy to my Rental List but it duly bubbled up my list and appeared on front door mat last night. It’s a micro budget Brit-flick with basic premise of two unpromising students at a bottom rung film school, mistakenly pitch their cinematic melodrama to the wrong kind of Soho production company, get embroiled with gangland financiers and end up producing porn. The film’s producers seem to have shot their wad (financially speaking) in the casting of obligatory yank skank Carmen Electra as eponymous porn queen Candy Fiveways, as there’s precious little else to look at. It contains speeded up farce scenes which I thought went out of date with Benny Hill. The plot is trite; the laughs are few and despite the subject matter and limited charms of Ms Electra no titillation value either. I don’t who its target market is but certainly not me.


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